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Posted in Components with Phlex in Rails Discussion

Я хочу переписать view на phlex, как быть с partial ? а как выводить collections ? я не понял принцип . Help

Posted in Episode for Unpoly framework

Episode for Unpoly framework?

Posted in Go! Svelte + Sapper + Rails

Hi, Chris! Let's start learning Svelte + Sapper ??

Hi! I use pagination Pagy gem, and button "More..." (more pages Ajax) not work

  var colum = document.querySelector("#categories_index");
  var pagin = document.querySelector("#categories_index_paginate");

  colum.innerHTML += ("<%= j render(partial: 'article/posts/post', collection: @posts, cached: true) %>");
  pagin.innerHTML = ("<%= render(partial: 'next_link') %>");

SyntaxError: missing ) in parenthetical

I not use JQuery.

Only "@rails/ujs": "6.0.0" webpacker.

Rails -v 6.0.0.
Ruby -v 2.6.1

Help! Thanks!!!

Posted in How add PurgeCss with TailwindCss?


const purgecss = require('@fullhuman/postcss-purgecss')({
  content: [
  extractors: [
      extractor: class {
        static extract(content) {
          return content.match(/[A-Za-z0-9-_:/]+/g) || [];
      extensions: ['html']

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      autoprefixer: {
        flexbox: 'no-2009'
      stage: 3

How to do right? Thanks

how add subdomain https wildcard?

Posted in WildCard Let'sEncrypt

Hi! How to use LetsEncrypt wildcard for subdomains.

Posted in How add Push Api notification with Chatroom?

How add Push Api notification with Chatrooms? Thanks!

Chris! Next video: Trix + ActiveStorage. :)

Hi! How to use jquery_ujs instead of rails-ujs to use trix gem?

xhr.setRequestHeader("X-CSRF-Token", Rails.csrfToken()); Rails. not work

How add association has_many :photos with post.rb after save ?

How add post_id with Photo ?

Hi! Maybe I do not understand correctly, but can I add SoundCloud with a turbolink and VUE? Work. How to do it?

Thank you, make an example if possible.

Great video, Chris!!! More videos VueJS!!! =)

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Posted in Direct File Uploads to S3: Part 2 Discussion

Hi! help me please. error loading Image

in PhotosController#create

"The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint. Please send all future requests to this endpoint." ???? instead aws-sdk turn shrine-fog all works

Posted in Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 7 Discussion


Posted in Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 7 Discussion

Hi! response for the new user

undefined method `last_read_at' for nil:NilClass for Chatrooms#show

how to solve?

Posted in Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 4 Discussion

Hi Chris! Thank you for your lessons!=)

<% if chatroom.chatroom_users.find_by_user_id(current_user) %>
<%= form_for [@chatroom,], remote: true do |f| %>
<%= f.text_area :body, rows: 1, class: 'form-control', autofocus: true %>
<% end %>
<% else %>
<%= link_to "Join", chatroom_chatroom_users_path(@chatroom), method: :post, remote: true %>
<% end %>