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Rails 6. SyntaxError: missing ) in parenthetical (UJS)

Nikola Okonesh asked in Javascript

Hi! I use pagination Pagy gem, and button "More..." (more pages Ajax) not work

  var colum = document.querySelector("#categories_index");
  var pagin = document.querySelector("#categories_index_paginate");

  colum.innerHTML += ("<%= j render(partial: 'article/posts/post', collection: @posts, cached: true) %>");
  pagin.innerHTML = ("<%= render(partial: 'next_link') %>");

SyntaxError: missing ) in parenthetical

I not use JQuery.

Only "@rails/ujs": "6.0.0" webpacker.

Rails -v 6.0.0.
Ruby -v 2.6.1

Help! Thanks!!!

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