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What text editor are you using for GoRails Forum?

General • Asked by Lauro

Hey Chris & Community! :)

What text editor are you using for the GoRails Forum post?

Im following the episode Markdown and Emoji with the html-pipeline gem. But im trying to add the top navbar to make it easier to add markdown for non-technical users.

Hey Lauro,

If I'm not mistaken, I believe he's using SimpleMDE -

Yessir, using SimpleMDE. I'm fairly happy with it, although there are a few odd things it does like when you hit tab it makes things code blocks and I expect it to highlight the Comment button.

There's an episode on this that I made about Turbolinks + SimpleMDE:

And related thread on the topic as well:

There's the code I use on GoRails which I think is working pretty well. I had to do a window popstate clean up as well in addition to the turbolinks before-visit event.

Thanks Jacob!

Awesome Chris! I will take a look.

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