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Using Pundit with ActiveAdmin

alexander kehaya asked in Gems / Libraries

Hey, I'm using pundit with active admin and getting this error message

Pundit::AuthorizationNotPerformedError in ActiveAdmin::Devise::SessionsController#new

In the pundit video you show us

include Pundit
after_action :verify_authorized, unless: :devise_controller?

What do I need to do so that pundit will do the same for active admin's devise controller? Second question. I need to have access to activeadmin's controller to manage permissions in the admin panel, How do I gain access or edit that controller?

Thanks for your help!


Update: I followed this and was able to get the login page to show

Now once logged in I'm getting a similar error Pundit::AuthorizationNotPerformedError in Admin::DashboardController#index

I guess I'm having trouble figuring out how the adapter worked to allow for access to the login page so I can recreate it for the index page and new resources that I might add.

Any suggestions?


UPDATE: After much trial and error I figured out how to get active admin up and running with pundit. See my answer on stack overflow by clicking here.

update: at the bottom of this link :

It shows you the coded needed to start using the built in pundit adapter that AA has. I'm able to get to the login page but when I try to log in I get this error.

Pundit::NotDefinedError in Admin::Dashboard#index

unable to find policy AdminUserPolicy for #AdminUser:0x007fd55b3dac10

I've created an admin_user_policy in polocies/active_admin and set everything to true. and it's still not working.

Any suggestions?


I haven't used Pundit with AA, but I was going to mention the adapter. Not quite sure what to suggest from here. Maybe there is a typo in there somewhere causing it to be unable to find it?


Thanks for the response Chris... I've ben able to get the dashboard up and running but when I try to access the admin profile for my account I get this error

unable to find scope AdminUserPolicy::Scope for AdminUser

and it highlights this line from my applicaiton.rb file
def scope
Pundit.policy_scope!(user, record.class)

I'm not too clear on how to define the scope for admin user. I think I either want to figure this out or I want to write something similar to what you did for devise

include pundit
after_action :verify_authorized, unless: :devise_controller?

What would I need to write to exclude all of active admin from pundit authorizations?


Did you ever get this working? I am stuck at the same issue. Can you just disable Pundit for AA entirely?


It's really unfortunate that's still happening. I don't know if this is relevant or not, but did you guys this?


I am not sure if that's the issue. Here is a comprehensive post I just created on this issue:

I think it's a bigger (or simple) issue. My AA policies seem to not being referenced at all. If I say try and load /admin/users Pundit is using the /policies/user_policy.rb file and not /policies/active_admin/user_policy.rb.

In my case (for now) my AA policies are all true until I decide to lock down AA access when I open it up to other users. In the near term it's just me in there so I am the only one to blame if data gets deleted by accident :)


On a side note Chris I suspect you have a view bug on the questions home page. Look at this thread. I made the last post but alexander's avatar is shown. Is this the intent? It threw me for a second as I saw my name and someone else face. If the idea is that it's his topic that makes sense but it's a bit confusing in that context.


What a subtle bug, glad you caught that Dan. :) Should be fixed now.

I wonder if we can get a patch into ActiveAdmin that will correct that...


I don't know where to start and can't even confirm that it not an issue on my end.


See my SO post for an update. I found a solution but I would still like to know if this is an isolated issue with my code or an issue with AA / Pundit.

From what I can tell AA is not calling authorize or policy_scope at all. Once you force it to it works (for the most part).


Hi I had similar challenges with sorcery and AA and finally made after i reached out to the AA guys , just raise an issue on the github repo he responds very fast and he will guide you in the right direction .... for all the troubles i had he responded with an hour or too a super helpful team they got.

All the best


Thanks - I will give that a shot.


New issue posted here:

Have a look at my dummy app:

Unless I am missing something obvious it's clearly broken.

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