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Upgrading simple_calendar for Rails 5 Discussion

like the new intro


Re. the talking head. For me, it's an epic distraction from the main content. It's nice to put a human face to the voice, but overlaying the entire video seems wrong to me. Don't know if others feel the same, but I'd suggest just popping up at the start & at moments when body language/gestures actually add to the pedagogical value.


Hi Chris. I have a question.

If i use this:
= month_calendar events: @dances, previous_link: events_ajax_previous_link, next_link: events_ajax_next_link do |start_date, dances|
= start_date.strftime("%d") if start_date.present?
- dances.each do |dance|
= link_to, dance_path(dance)

to show an event (in this case a dance event), and it works fine for one event but

HOW do i SHOW a recurring dance event, lets say next 3 recurrences like below but that it shows on each recurrence date on the calendar?

= dance.converted_schedule.next_occurrences(3)
i can show the dates with this code but i want them to show in the calendar.

ALSO is there a way to show multiple type of events from different models all in the same calendar?

thank you!


For both recurring events and various types, you just have to make them into one array and pass them in. So rather than calling them @dances, you might use @events and create it like so:

@events = Dance.all + Meeting.all

I just recorded a basic episode on recurring events, but you'd just generate them in memory and add them into this @events array. The calendar doesn't need to know anything about recurring events, just needs the individual events to display.

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