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Turbo Stream - dynamically replacing partial on the page

RJ McCollam asked in Rails

I have an edit user page that has multiple cards on it. I have each card wrapped in its own turbo frame tag with a unique id. On the update action in my controller if I just redirect_to @user the src attribute on the turbo frame does not update so I cannot click edit again to replace the frame.

Instead of redirecting I want to implement a format.turbo_stream. Rather than being able to replace a single partial I need to replace the one that was edited. To get this context I am including a partial name in the different form partials that is the partial name.

In creating an instance variable for that partial I was hoping I could use that in my update.turbo_stream.erb file. Like this:

<%= turbo_stream.replace "user_#{@partial}", partial: "users/display/#{@partial}" %>

In theory I think this will work, but since I am passing a param that is not part of the model it will not update my resource, and of course if I don't permit the param it gets rejected all together.

I have two questions:

  1. Am I missing a better way to update specific partials on an update action using turbo_steams?
  2. How can I get my partial parameter to come through in update action without trying to update my resource with it?

If you have the HTML ID in the URL (or sent as a param), you could use that in your turbo_stream.replace.

For example:

<% @cards.each do |card| %>
  <%= tag.div id: dom_id(card) %>
    <%= render partial: "cards/show", locals: { card: card } %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>
<%= turbo_stream.replace dom_id(card), partial: "cards/show" %>

That gives you a consistent ID across things.

Turbo Frames would expect you to have routes for the card show & edit and would handle this for you automatically as long as you had a resources :cards controller filled out with the matching frames.


This makes sense, but in this instance I don't have a consistent model that is being output. These cards as I call them are actually each for a different model. Each card houses my create form and lists each item from the module.

So on my turbo_stream.replace I am wanting to target a manually entered ID as each one is different. I do want to send it as a param in each form, but getting it accepted into my controller is where I am getting stuck.


You should be able to pass params or variables when calling turbo

<%= turbo_stream.replace "user_#{@partial}", partial: "users/display/#{@partial}", locals: {params: params, partial: @partial } %>


Thanks @ugurcan, that is how I planned on calling it. Again my main issue here is getting this value into my controller so I can pass it to my turbo_stream file.


Assuming you are posting to this controller using a form, params and other variables are already there and available in turbo stream file.

Pass all saved variables to the partial and replace old one.

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