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Stripe's new Billing feature explained?

Gems / Libraries • Asked by Greg Blass
Hey Chris!

You recently tweeted about Stripe's new billing section:

You mention that you 'had this idea years ago and never built it.' What exactly was the idea?

I'm trying to figure out what this new billing feature offers people that wasn't there before, but it isn't clear to me. I have a couple of clients who I'd use this with (including myself), and I just wanted to understand the new advantages, if it will save me time (and thus save clients money) and/or reduce the code I would need to maintain, vs other solutions.


My idea was basically a way for you to visually map out a product and all the different tiers for it. You can set upgrade rules and so on between them. That's basically what Stripe just rolled out. Plans are attached to Products now and you can add multiple plans to a product.

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