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Posted in Deploy Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish Discussion

Chris, I know this isn't technically your fault - but when people are building out linux servers, this type of thing ends up costing hours and hours of devops time - time that most developers loath! ESPECIALLY beginner programmers. I can't imagine how many people have tried this on 22.04 and gave up, blaming themselves.

You should really take a moment to make a note about the issue until it is resolved.

Posted in WildCard Let'sEncrypt

+1 from me. Or if you don't have the bandwidth or you don't think this is enough of a priority (multi-tenant apps aren't popular enough from developers) - an alternative for wildcard certs would be appreciated!

Posted in Deploy Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish Discussion

Also running into trouble with Passenger on 22.04. Going to try this all over again with 20.04.

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Posted in DataTables Install via Webpacker

I've literally tried like 7 different configs online and none of them work.

Posted in DataTables Install via Webpacker

Forgive me if I sound like an old man - but how the heck did this become so complicated when sprockets was so incredibly easy? How is webpacker an improvement here!?

Posted in How do I deploy webpacker with nvm with capistrano?

Hey there!

I have been trying to solve this for 5+ hours at this point. M D - did you ever figure out a solution here?

Posted in Using Webhooks with Stripe Discussion

Hey Chris. I'm running into some interesting issues with having the StripeEvent.configure code in config/initializers/stripe.rb - mainly, I have to restart my server if I change any service object code - And I'm getting a  
ArgumentError (A copy of StripeEvents::InvoicePaymentFailed has been removed from the module tree but is still active!) if I hit the webhook a 2nd time. This may be due to the fact that I'm calling a service object in a separate file.

I'm documenting my findings here: - I'll report back once I sort it out.

If you have any ideas or comments in the mean time, I'm all ears!

Posted in Stripe's new Billing feature explained?

Hey Chris!

You recently tweeted about Stripe's new billing section:

You mention that you 'had this idea years ago and never built it.' What exactly was the idea?

I'm trying to figure out what this new billing feature offers people that wasn't there before, but it isn't clear to me. I have a couple of clients who I'd use this with (including myself), and I just wanted to understand the new advantages, if it will save me time (and thus save clients money) and/or reduce the code I would need to maintain, vs other solutions.


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Two errors are happening with Turbolinks and Stripe Elements v3 as this tutorial stands. One was mentioned above. I'll post the 2nd one at some point. I'd look at your example application and navigate around a little - you'll see them.
+1 for this. Your Stripe Elements v3 tutorial leaves your application in this state.