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DataTables Install via Webpacker

Dan Tappin asked in General

Hi, Dan. Still in trouble? I managed to get a demo app running data-tables e others jquery library here:

This demo is running Rails 6 with Webpack and Yarn.

According to the error that you describred at Datatables forum, looks like that you're missing to declare the jquery global variable '$'. Take a look to my environment configs (environment.js, app.js, etc) at the repo above.


Lucas, thank you! I must've tried 5 different things I found online. Your example was the only one that's worked.


Forgive me if I sound like an old man - but how the heck did this become so complicated when sprockets was so incredibly easy? How is webpacker an improvement here!?


I've literally tried like 7 different configs online and none of them work.

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