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Ruby version stuck on macOS

RJ McCollam asked in Ruby

Setting up my new MacBook Pro and am running into an issue with ruby versions.

At this point I have installed and am usin rbenv. I installed ruby 2.3.1 and when I ruby -v that is what it shows.

When I try to start the server on an app that specifies ruby 2.3.1 in the gemfile and in .ruby-version I get this message - "Your Ruby version is 2.0.0, but your Gemfile specified 2.3.1".

Not sure where this rouge setting of 2.0.0 is at.


Hmmm, I can only think of the obvious places, .ruby-version and Gemfile to check, but I'm sure you've already done that. Did you get this figured out?


Haven't figured it out just yet.

In looking at .ruby-version and Gemfile they both have the correct version of Ruby I am wanting to use. Seems bizarre to me.


I got this figured out. It looks like there was a rouge line in my .bash_profile that was putting rbenv in my $PATH and was casuing issues.

Cleared that up and was able to get things up and running.


Weird, rbenv should be in your path.

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