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Javascript frameworks videos?

Brian Schwartz asked in Javascript

Hey Chris,
Just curious if you would plan on adding any videos using Angular, Ember or Backbone with Rails?


That's a good question. I've been trying to decide on frontend frameworks recently and have had a hard time. Ember and Angular are both awesome in their own ways so I'm really torn. I've really taken a liking to React recently and think it's possibly the one I'll do a deep dive with.

That said, I don't really know any of them well enough to put out great content yet. I'm open to suggestions and links to videos that might sway me one way or another!


If I had a vote on this I would say Ember because Yehuda Katz is crazy smart and it feels more natural using Ember CLI with Rails (IMO) AND the project isn't controlled by a self-serving corporation (Google or Facebook) Still, that being said React looks wicked cool and React Native has piqued my interest.

But yeah I second Brian's request


Hi Chris,

I really think you should do a few tutorials with React / Rails, using React-Router and other gems. Also I think it would be best if you'd do a complete app as a whole. That's the best way to understand Rails, I feel. Encountering problems while development is quite a frequent scenario in most developers' life. So, showing us to tackle those problems would be just great. The content in the site, for now, is great. Keep it up, Chris!

The problem with Ember and Angular is that the MVC abstraction might be a bit hard and the learning curve maybe steep unlike React's virtual dom abstraction. It's just plain simple. Has two functions mainly and revolves around them - when there's an action, show something. That's all there's to React, basically. React is just the one for newbies. So I'd say, please do a React Tutorial which includes cross origin ajax sharing using rack-cors gem, etc. Once again, you're doing a great job, mate.



+1 for React - Flux. I'm learning about this now and how to couple it with Rails. Maybe a simple blog application can be created and then demonstrate React's voodoo from there. If you want me to build a simple app and roll everything together, let me know. I'd love to help. I can also come up with some good ideas on demonstrating React.


+1 for React here too. :)


React is killing it out there. Granted, it's relatively new but it's really going to be THE js framework to be watching in the next year to three.


One thing which struggled my head is:
What is the main purpose or use case for those js frameworks?

I see there are many features from angular overlapping with rails

e.g. ngRepeat overlapping render partial,
ngroute overlapping routes file

Also unlike jquery, those js frameworks are lack of useful components. So which prohibit me to totally dive deep to in right now.


The main purpose is for making a website that has a lot of interaction where reloading the page would be intrusive. Look at Facebook and Twitter. If every action you took reloaded the would be really hard to use them.

jQuery can get you pretty far, but it's going to be very disorganize because it isn't built for the same purpose. It's good for smaller things, but when you're building realtime chat like Facebook has, you're going to want something more robust like one of these frameworks.

In a lot of cases, you will be good just using jQuery, Turbolinks, and no full JS framework if you want just want your pages to render faster and to have some decent interactivity. Shopify went with this approach and they're doing really well with it.


Speaking of Shopify and others. I have an idea for new screencasts. One of the things CodeSchool has done is create a section called feature focus. Where they try to mimic a feature of a well known company (basecamp, groupon, etc) and show the audience how to implement it into their own apps and then the company shows how they are doing it (more or less). Doing something similar with GoRails would be pretty awesome. We could pick a site and look at a certain feature we want to implement and then a screencast could be made about it. Sorry to go offtopic, but there are a lot of cool things being done out there that I think GoRails could capitalize on for content ideas.


Start a new thread to discuss those features? I like the idea of not just building features but also comparing it to how a production site uses them.


Will do. I'm sure we can come up with something great.

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