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How to create a Rails Web application which consume its data from an API using JSON API Specification

Kelvin Firmino asked in Rails

Hi, good afternoon.

Chris, I ahve noticed that there are companies asking for consuming an API using JSON API Specification where I should consume its data and create a front-end with Rails to show this information.

Do you have any material or video that talk about it?

It also asked to store this information in a Memory Database like Redis.

Thanks in advance for your help.


I did an episode on that here:

It's using the HTTParty gem, but you can also use like RestClient as well which I believe I've talked about in an episode or two as well.


Thanks for the information.

What did you mean with "you can also use like RestClient as well"?


There are many ways to talk to an API. HTTParty, RestClient, etc are all options you could use.


Ok, thanks for the information.

It is another Gem.

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