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Posted in Multiple API integration

Hey guys, I need some advice on the following task.

I need to make an integration between 3 applications.

The first application (Python) will provide some data to a second application (Rails) which needs to send this data to a client application (any language). The client would process the data and return the result to the Rails application.

Imagining that this data is building addresses and we have more than 20,000 of them. What would be the best way to communicate with those applications? Obs: The data needs to be encrypted and I need to say to the client the specification on how we are going to do that.

Sending API request with the data as JSON in the body of the request in batches would be easier than sending a CSV/JSON file in a request.
We have been having problems with CSV files coming from other clients which do not format it very well.

I need to secure data integrity and security in all processes.

Do we have some courses here that could help with that?

Any advice?

Thanks so much for your time and attention.

Posted in Creating an application Multi Language

Ok, thanks.

I will check this gem.

Posted in Creating an application Multi Language

Hi, good evening.

Cris, I would like to create a system which will suport many language. For instance, I would like to be able to access the languages using URL like:

How is the best way to implement it?

Secondly, Imagine that is it a game application where I will be able to save the monsters data like having more than 30 colums representing the monster information like:

id, name, info1, info2, ..., info30.

How the database should be model to be able to manage multi-language? I suppose that create 30+ columns for each language would not be a good idea. Keeping in mind that it could be translate for mor than 5 languages.

If I create one table to each language, how could Active model handle the right table to get the correct data?

The same would apply to create posts to this website, the post would be translate for all the language supported.

Thanks for your time and attention.


Kelvin Firmino

Posted in Data Structure - Going back to the basic with Ruby

Hi Chris,

Could you help me with books, material, videos about Data Structure with Ruby? I have been asked a lot about it in the interview. I am rusty about it and there are tons of pieces about on the internet. It's like finding a needle in a haystack.

As I am not working now, I need to save time to relearn these topics without losing much time. I believe that this could help new programmer two who try to find this information here.

These are some topics that I am looking for.

1 - Solid understanding of programming and computer science fundamentals. What do they want me to know?
2 - Data Structure (list, stack, array, tree). 
3 - With the data structure, how to search and sort with them. Best ways of searching and sort.
4 - Understand the Big Oh problem and how to identify and solve it.

Another topic that companies are asking for Senior Position (one day in the future)

5 - API design technique. What would it be?
6 - Strong familiarity with principles of database design and architecture. 
7 -  Familiarity with OWASP and/or other web security practices.
8 - Knowledge of optimization tactics such as query optimization and caching

Well, sorry for the book and thanks in advance for your help.


Hey, good afternoon.

Look this tutorial:

It has this feature that you want to implement. It is a recommended tutorial for Ruby on Rails developers.

I hope this will help you.

Ok, thanks for the information.

It is another Gem.

Thanks for the information.

What did you mean with "you can also use like RestClient as well"?

Hi, good afternoon.

Chris, I ahve noticed that there are companies asking for consuming an API using JSON API Specification where I should consume its data and create a front-end with Rails to show this information.

Do you have any material or video that talk about it?

It also asked to store this information in a Memory Database like Redis.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Posted in How to access a webpage and get its content

Hi, good afternoon.

Chirs, I would like to access a website and get its content from its page to create a database with this information.

It is about a game so, it is a common information that I would like to do website about in a better way. So, instead of copy by hand the content, I would like to do this in a more efeccienty way, accessing its multiple pages and catch the data that I need.

Do you know a way that I can do that?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey, good evening.

Try to install RVM with the offline mode. After one day, I cannot recall when, the install page does not work any more with me because this providers.

Try to follow this link:

Posted in Learn what is Redis and how to use it with Rails

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the prompt response.

I can start to find work in Canada next week (when my visa will start to let me work), so I need to learn these kind of thing as soon as possible.

Thanks for the information, I will check them.

Posted in Learn what is Redis and how to use it with Rails


I have seeing a lot company asking for using this Redis as cache with Rails.

I suppose it would be good learn about it.

Posted in Where should I start?

Hey, good morning.

Chris, I would like to start to learn more about Ruby and Rails. I have a little more than a year programming with them. However, I would like to know which series should I start here to do a review as I was a beginner?

I believe that here I have most of the knowledge that I should now to the Ruby and Rails.

Could say to me the order of the series and episodes that I should follow? I will do a checklist to do all these courses.

Thanks so much for your attention.


Kelvin Matheus

Hey Chris. Thanks for the awesome video.

I'd like to know about your courses sooner!

Would be wonderful if you add the links information in a video as mentioned in this video.

In addition, I had asked at work why they did not use this JSON Api format and they said to me that HAL and HATEOAS are better.

Do you know which are the advantages of those three ways of JSON Format?

Thanks so much for your attention.


Kelvin Matheus

This is a really interesting question. I was thing about the same thing when I saw this much of information.

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