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How do I make an app to get a video by url from youtube download it / process it/ and uploaded to a local db?

emil mircea asked in Gems / Libraries

I liked the shrine tutorials and would like to use that as an upload to local disk solution.
I also found a gem called youtube-dl ( to help download from Youtube.
I have no clear idea about how to combine the two gems into a solution (user puts in url -> video is being downloaded and uploaded to local db)


Hey Emil,

For the most part, you can just plug in Shrine by opening up a File object in Ruby and then assigning it to the shrine attribute and calling save. That's basically the same process that Shrine uses on a browser upload so there is little to no difference to do this from an already downloaded file.

download ="PATHTOFILE", "rb")
@record = Record.where(youtube_id: ID).first_or_create = download

You might need to delete the file you downloaded once this is complete so you don't have duplicate files on disk.


Thanks for the answer. I'll give it a try

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