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Great tutorial! Seems that the new elements library is easy to use. I was wondering how would I go about implementing Stripe Elements in a e-commerce site with a React Front-End and a Rails API backend. Any ideas / suggestions ?

Thanks for the answer. I'll give it a try

I liked the shrine tutorials and would like to use that as an upload to local disk solution.
I also found a gem called youtube-dl (https://github.com/layer8x/youtube-dl.rb) to help download from Youtube.
I have no clear idea about how to combine the two gems into a solution (user puts in url -> video is being downloaded and uploaded to local db)

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This is all well and good but if one wants to maintain a sense of mistery and awe about programming, i recommend "We really don't know how to compute" by Jerry Sussman. :)

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Since no one has reported similar issues I am inclined to believe something is wrong with my setup somehow. For now I'll just press on. Thanks

Posted in Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 4 Discussion

I am surprised no one is getting the error messages I am getting while doing this part.
When I add remote: true i get " ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken
in MessagesController#create" error. (to solve it i must add authenticity_token: true).
When I remove the redirect_to @chatroom i get another error:
MessagesController#create is missing a template for this request format and variant.

request.formats: ["text/html"]
request.variant: [] even if I created a messages/create.js.erb file in my views.
I am on a mac using ruby 2.3.0 with rails 5.0.1 via rvm. Could this be the evil source of my problems?