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Form errors not displaying

RJ McCollam asked in Rails
In my model for users I am validating the presence of a number of attributes using:
validates_presence_of :parent_1_first_name, :parent_1_last_name...

The beginning of my form object looks like this:
<%= form_for @user, url: {action: 'update'} do |f| %>

            <% if @user.errors.any? %>

                <div class="form-errors">

                    <h2><%= pluralize(@user.errors.count, "error") %> stopped you from updating this user:</h2>
                    <% @user.errors.full_messages.each do |msg| %>
                      <h4><%= msg %></h4>
                    <% end %>


            <% end %>

My Update method in my User controller looks like this:
def update
        subaction = params[:subaction]
        if @user.update(edit_user_params)
       flash[:success] = "#{@user.first_name} #{@user.last_name} has been updated."
       redirect_to edit_user_path(@user, anchor: subaction)
      flash[:error] = "Something went wrong and #{@user.first_name} #{@user.last_name} could not be updated. Please ensure all required fields have been filled out."
        redirect_to edit_user_path(@user)

When a user is updated, but is missing one of the fields I am checking form error messages do not display and instead I get a redirect to the edit path with my error message instead.

In googling around I don't see what I have setup incorrectly.
Hey RJ!

When you redirect, none of the variables are persisted over because you're making a totally new request. You must `render action: :edit` in the else clause in order to render the errors on the model.
Ah, thank you Chris. Updated that and I am all set. Really appreciate you answering.
No problemo! It's one of those subtleties of Rails that you have to learn the frustrating / hard way. 😜
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