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Building A Hosting Platform in Ruby Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver
Just thought I would share this in case anyone is interested how works. 👍
Really cool video, Chris! Thanks for sharing this!

Also, I like the new commenting system. I just finished mine yesterday. Did you use the Ancestry gem for nesting? 
It's actually completely custom. I exported my Disqus comments and imported them into the forum. Then extended the forum to have nesting. There are still a few warts here and there because it's doing double duty for comments and the forum, but I'm going to try to clean those up tomorrow.
You should do a video about how you accomplished your commenting system and maybe include how to implement a voting system?

Would be great to see more screencasts like this.

Hi Crhis, can I use hatchbox on Hetzner?
Yep, you'll just have to use the Custom VPS option and have your server created on Hetzner first.

Cool presentation Chris. I was actually wondering how you managed env variables on hatch. I assume, they are saved in the HatchBox app and a script gets runs to update the .rbenv-vars-file or am I way off the mark? 

Hey Chris,
Any thoughts about posting some how-tos for hatchbox on here? I'm ready to dip my toe into the water and find that immediate jump from heroku to DO / AWS is a bit of a stretch. It has me looking and hoping that hatchBox will be at least a nice transition step. Thanks!
Im looking for the same. I like to get out of heroku and move to DO/AWS

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