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I'm running to a small error I think.

Alright, so when I try to get the a file to upload It seems to begin the process and then commit but then it stops. I get a completed 200 ok but the issue is that it doesn't actually get the file to upload nor does it create a new post. 

I have restarted my server and tried bundle install. I've also looked through the Github to try and see if I missed anything and so far that is a no. I have also went over the process of s3cmd again to verify if everything is working correctly and it seems as if this checks out also. 

The only difference with our code is that I'm being lazy and using my access key and secret key directly in my storage.yml file and not using <%= ENV["S3_KEY"] %> and <%= ENV["S3_SECRET"] %>.

What do you think my issue could be? Could someone please help me? 

Thank you so much ahead of time :) 
How would go about doing this using devise? I'm a bit confused of how to accomplish this.

Posted in How do I add a /user.json file using devise?

I'm trying to complete the episode 78 "@mentions, autocomplete, notifications, and links" but I'm using Devise. 

The part I'm stuck on is I can't figure out how to fill in the /users.json section on account of I'm using devise. Does anyone one know how to index.json.jbuilder file or equivalent?

Thank you ahead of time!

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You should do a video about how you accomplished your commenting system and maybe include how to implement a voting system?

Posted in How do I create a reply comment system?

Yes, I have completed all of that and I will give extending it using another instance(s) of poly associations, etc a try! 

I guess that part that I'm having a difficult time understanding how to accomplish is how to create a Reddit style comment system. So for example, if I reply to you then my comments will show in the view under yours and to the right a little bit. Then you respond and it's under my comment and a little more to the right, ect. 

Do you understand how to accomplish this? 

Posted in How do I create a reply comment system?

Yes, i'm trying to integrate just that into my rails app. 

 I'm using AJAX. 

Yeah, this episode: https://gorails.com/episodes/comments-with-polymorphic-associations

Thank you so much Ryan.

Posted in How do I create a reply comment system?

I have been trying to get the hang of rails and I understand most of Rails but I'm currently stuck on how I would go about and create a reply commenting system. For example, just like on GoRails. 

Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

I have created a standard comment system which was copied from the GoRails episode. 

Thank you ahead of time.