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Affiliate & Referrals Programs with Stripe & Rewardful Discussion

I was going to ask You about this! Good video. Still have a few questions:
1) Rewardful says something like "connect your Stripe account and we manage everything". That sounds like they get too much control of my Stripe account. What do You know about this?
2) Payments to affiliates are automatically done or I have to do manually?
Thanks Chris.

  1. If you want a fully managed affiliates, then they're going to have to do that. They've got to monitor every new user and charge that comes in to verify they were referrals.
  2. They're manual at the moment via PayPal (or however you want to pay), but will be automated in the future.

Ok. I'm pretty sure I'll end up using this in my next apps. Thanks for the new info.


Ahh, once it's automatic, then it's all on autopilot, and that would be fantastic. Do you have any idea when they may be implementing the automatic referral payouts?

Also, do you happen to know if there's a way to setup 'repeated payouts', i.e. if you refer someone to us, then every time that person purchases something from our site, you would receive a 5% payout for that purchase for life? That would be neat.


Don't know when it's automatic, but yes it is a % payout for life (of the subscription).


Hi Chris,
I noticed you added an affiliate program on, do you have the same thing for GoRails?


I will be, but I have to split out the products into separate Stripe accounts before I can do that it looks like.


Really glad you have an episode on rolling your own. I try not to provide 3rd party access to my customer data.

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