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Posted in File uploads in Rails with Shrine Discussion

yes it can

I have mine setup this way

Shrine.storages = {
cache: "#{ENV["CREDENTIALS_ENV"]}/cache", **s3_options),
store: "#{ENV["CREDENTIALS_ENV"]}/store", **s3_options),
public_store: true, upload_options: { cache_control: "max-age=15552000" }, prefix: "#{ENV["CREDENTIALS_ENV"]}/public", **s3_options)

Posted in How to use Uppy with ActiveStorage Discussion

Another vote for seeing this with Shrine :)

Posted in How to get ngrok working with webpack-dev-server

Change webpacker.yml config

https: true

Posted in How to use ActionText in Rails 6 Discussion

Fixed it - You need have ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick installed locally.
For me on a mac I used

brew install imagemagick

Posted in How to use ActionText in Rails 6 Discussion

After uncommenting image_processing gem I still have broken image :(
Will post fix when I find it.

Posted in User Onboarding Progress Bar Discussion

Great episode! One thing that would improve these for me would be to include testing. Thanks

Posted in Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 7 Discussion

Learned a ton on this one! Thanks

Posted in Two Factor Authentication With Devise Discussion

Up and running :) thanks

One step from gem doc that I dont think was covered
"Filtering sensitive parameters from the logs
To prevent two-factor authentication codes from leaking if your application logs get breached, you'll want to filter sensitive parameters from the Rails logs. Add the following to config/initializers/filter_parameter_logging.rb:"

Rails.application.config.filter_parameters += [:otp_attempt]

Posted in User Referral Program From Scratch Discussion

Nice one! Want to expand on this one, but a great start - thanks.

Really glad you have an episode on rolling your own. I try not to provide 3rd party access to my customer data.

same here - did you figure it out?