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User Onboarding Progress Bar Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

Great episode! One thing that would improve these for me would be to include testing. Thanks

Thanks for making this one Chris!

Implementing this is something that needs to happen soon in the app I'm working on, so your timing is perfect!

It covers nearly exactly what we need to do. :-)


Great Chris, love this common features series :)

Interesting episode, it should be great to have one on a gem named "Merit"

Merit adds reputation behavior to Rails apps in the form of Badges, Points, and Rankings.

Thanks as always Chris! Great stuff. We have our onboarding checklist already working, but yours is a bit cleaner, and automatically checks off the items as they are completed! I look forward to implementing this as an improvement in the future!

If you happen to see this:

Can this work on a more complicated task, i.e. Make a post that uses the tag 'introduce-yourself'? In other words, how would we set it up so the checklist knows it wasn't just a post, but actually a post with a particular tag?

Isn't it seriously dangerous to be calling update inside a read method?

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