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How to use ActionText in Rails 6 Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver

Great stuff Chris! Very exciting. I also just watched the @mention episode too.

To anyone reading this, a few questions:

  1. Do you think we can get @mentions working on our Rails 5.2 app that has the Trix editor installed?
  2. Can we install the Trix editor on comments too, so that the @mentions would work there as well?
  3. What about on the live chat with actioncable? Are we in trouble there because the live chat doesn't use the Trix editor?
  4. When do you think Rails 6 will be stable?
  5. Would it make sense to upgrade our current rails 5.2 app to 6, or is that trouble?

Thanks much!

What a great addition to Rails. Thanks for documenting it Chris!

In case this helps anyone (I had a hell of time troubleshooting this):

I ran into a really frustrating issue when I pushed to Heroku. Rich text (trix) with image uploading was all working fine locally, but on Heroku dropped-in images weren't saving, and the issue had to do with my using Amazon S3.

Turns out it was a CORS issue, which Chris made a video about here:

In addition to that, I had to set my CORS configuration in my S3 bucket settings. This was the configuration that ended working for me:

<CORSConfiguration xmlns="">

I have been following the tutorial closely, however, I was not able to resolve the issue which you resolved purely by uncommenting gem 'image_processing', '~> 1.2'. Picture in my post would still remain broken.

I am running Rails 5.2.2, Ruby 2.6.0, and I am also using mini_magick gem after following your other tutorial on user avatars. Any chance that this can cause the problem?

Doesn't this require Rails 6?

Yes it does, but I think adding the Trix gem to rails 5.2.2 may solve the problem.

Haven't tried it though, all of my apps have been upgraded to 6.0.0RC1 so far.

Is there a way to limit the formatting options in the Trix editor? For example, if I don’t want users to enter links or upload images, is there a way I can configure the editor so that those options are disabled and not just not shown (I can do the latter via CSS).

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