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13 Error Tracking with Errbit

Episode 215 · November 14, 2017

Track errors in Rails, Sidekiq, etc in production for free using the open source Errbit app and the Airbrake gem

Deployment Production Debugging Errors



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Jerome . (100 XP) on

I am trying to wrap around my head around the hooks. The first immediate hook is errbit knowing the application's github repository. The second is the airbreak.rb file where the app (and I assume all of its deploys) actually points to errbit application and its services. So I understand airbreak config... 'send my errors to errbit'. But why then does errbit need to know about to the repo?

A corollary question: if there are multiple deploys, say 'staging1' and 'staging2' are added, they will all be handled by errbit and show the non-traditional deploy name (unless stated in ignore_environments config line) ?

Chris Oliver (170,390 XP) on

It asks for your repo so it can link you to the line of code that triggered the error.

And yes, any errors from environments mentioned in ignore, will be skipped.

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