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Dear FF, welcome to the forum. Please recognize you email us all when you post here. I looked the the repo due to your non-edited comment. You're referencing a repo from 6 years ago. Code is constantly changing, and we must get used to that fact of life online.

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Yeah, that'd be great to see. From rough count, looks like ~40 episodes would land in that slot?

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Is it possible to see a list of episodes that exist outside of the series categories?

/soo nice
/great job!

On second thought, i just did some digging and it seems that AMS might be on the down turn. The repo suggests looking at https://github.com/Netflix/fast_jsonapi and http://jsonapi-rb.org/ I'm going to head over there for a spell.
Ping. I'd like to see more AMS topics as well. 
Hopefully you're not over the topic :-D
I'm new to this subject too and this is a good question & answer. Based on what you said, Chris;

jBuilder is a lot more manual building out the exact structure of the JSON which makes it a bit harder to work with generally.

Is it possible that jBuilder would be considered a starting point in a Payloads lifecycle? Based on what I just watched you demo jbuilder it seems that it's pretty simple to begin with. Is it normal to see both implementations in a code base? jbuilder for the simpler more static content and grow to AMS when needed?

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Hey Chris,
Any thoughts about posting some how-tos for hatchbox on here? I'm ready to dip my toe into the water and find that immediate jump from heroku to DO / AWS is a bit of a stretch. It has me looking and hoping that hatchBox will be at least a nice transition step. Thanks!

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Hey Chris,
Timely tut! 

I'm trying to level up my devops skills and I've got a simple 'hello world' rails app on a single Digital Ocean Droplet that uses ubuntu and ngninx. I'm trying to better understand how / where to use credentials using the ssh comment you said.  Any chance you could link me to an example of how to do the SSH method of management? What would be some examples of shared location to store the master key? (If that doesn't make sense, I'll try to clarify)

Thanks again!