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How to Build a Slack Slash Command App with Rails Discussion


Great tutorial and subject!


I followed the tutorial and get the following error when I am authenticating the Slack response.

Processing by Slack::CommandsController#create as HTML
Parameters: {"token"=>"HH1aNamaPjxndTgUTZM", "team_id"=>"TD548K4", "team_domain"=>"gorailstest", "channel_id"=>"CDTGR2T", "channel_name"=>"general", "user_id"=>"UD54QA", "user_name"=>"rsehd", "command"=>"/kr3ve", "text"=>"hello", "response_url"=>"", "trigger_id"=>"5659923814.44657650.5c8f42dcca5d895283a417f8671f548e"}
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 1ms (ActiveRecord: 0.0ms)

TypeError (no implicit conversion of nil into String):

app/controllers/slack/commands_controller.rb:26:in hexdigest'


To whom is having issues on Rails 6
If you see 403 Forbidden in ngrok. You have to add ngrok url to whitelist.
Add config.hosts << / to config/environments/development.rb.


Great tutorial!

I'd be interested in learn how to enable a user to publish messages from a Rails App to Slack and the Slack message will be attributed to the user / not a bot.

I second this. Can you create more videos around slack bots ?


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Hi! great video! I set up my slack app and my first slash command but I am getting an error when typing command in my slack channel: failed with the error "dispatch_failed". The routes seem fine because the request is successful in Postman. My slash command is http://localhost:3000/slack/command. I have tried using ngrok but the error is the same. My routes: post "/slack/command", to: "slack/commands#create". Could you please advise? thanks

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