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Rails 5.2 - Encrypted Credentials Discussion

Great tutorial!
Hey Chris,
Timely tut! 

I'm trying to level up my devops skills and I've got a simple 'hello world' rails app on a single Digital Ocean Droplet that uses ubuntu and ngninx. I'm trying to better understand how / where to use credentials using the ssh comment you said.  Any chance you could link me to an example of how to do the SSH method of management? What would be some examples of shared location to store the master key? (If that doesn't make sense, I'll try to clarify)

Thanks again!
Hi Chris, 
I didn't mention any environment  while editing my credentials. But I couldn't access my keys in development console and I could see them in production console. Did I miss anything ?
Just a note for anyone else that might get an error about it not being able to find master.key. Make sure you are in the root directory of your app. I was in the config directory on the command line and it took me a bit to realize what the problem was. I think the command should be updated to check what directory it is being called from. Anyway, once I solved that riddle your directions worked great!
hi i think that i have the issue that you was talking about 
The path `/Users/chris/code/marcel` does not exist.

I m trying to solve that problem for the first time

Quick question: If I have my rails app publicly shared on github, and my S3 bucket is in storage.yml, does that mean that even though no one can see my credentails, can they still use them to access and/or change the contents of the bucket?


For VS Code users, you'll need to install the code command first.

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