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What makes you like Ruby/Rails?

DomnickLolas asked in Ruby

I’m a Rails dev for 8months now but come from C# .NET before that. Just curious what the Ruby/Rails community feels about the language/framework.

What makes you like Ruby/Rails?

Pros and Cons of the language/framework compare to other web languages/frameworks?

If you’re gonna start a project to add to your portfolio, are you still gonna use Rails? Thanks everyone for sharing!


I personally love Ruby because the language is designed for humans first and foremost. You don't have to jump through hoops to make the computer understand it, so you can spend your time thinking about how to communicate ideas in your code. That saves a ton of time in development, and humans are typically the most slow and expensive part of software development.

Rails takes advantage of that and assumes you know the basics of web development and does as much as it can for you. You don't have to worry about the different between GET and POST params, they're just available to you in one spot. There are tons and tons of situations where Rails has already got tools for something I wanted before I knew I wanted it. That's amazing.

The downside is it isn't cool anymore, but if you're doing things just because it's cool, you'll probably be wasting lots of your time. 😜

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