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User model guidance

Stephen Sizer asked in Rails

Hi All,

I'm creating a coaching app and have two users that use the system a coach and a client. A coach can also be a client of another coach. So I will need to be able to switch accounts to either the client or the coach.

has_many :clients

belongs_to :coach

What would be the best way to do this? Having two Devise models Coach and Client or having two boolean fields on the user to say is_coach, and is_client.

If a coach has an account and then is added as a client, I want that client account to have the same password as the coach account for ease of use.



Hey Stephen!

The way I do it in is we have a single User everyone logs in as and they have multiple Accounts they're associated with.

Each account could have a type of Coach, Client, etc and they switch between them with a session cookie. When they switch, we use current_account to load the account and we could use that to determine if they should see Coach or Client views.

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