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Update Devise Migration File and Run rails db:migrate - Nothing Happens.

Nick McNeany asked in Gems / Libraries

Hey everyone,

Quick question (I hope). I have an application with Devise's out-of-the-box initial set-up. Later, I realized I wanted to include the Trackable functionality so I included it in my model, and uncommented out the Trackable section in the migration file. When I run rails db:migrate nothing happens.

Is this not an acceptable way to do this? Should I run a separate migartion to add the columns I need?

Thanks of the help!



Absolutely unacceptable Nick.

🤣 Just teasing!

If you edit the migration, you'd have to do a rollback to undo that migration and then re-run it. Obviously that'd blow away a bunch of data, so to add trackable at a later time you'll want to just create a new migration to add those columns separately.



Makes total sense. Thanks for the quick response Chris! You're the man!

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