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Turbolinks and jQuery compatibility on Rails 5

Lauro asked in Javascript

I have a hidden field that's activated when clicked on the link using jQuery. When clicking on the link, the field appears just for a second and then disappears.

  $('.use-different-card').on "click", ->

When I remove turbolinks, jQuery seems to work just fine.

I've tryied adding but I had no luck.

And using:

$(document).on "turbolinks:load", ->

This is my source tree.

//= require jquery
//= require jquery_ujs
//= require jquery.turbolinks
//= require turbolinks
//= require turbolinks-compatibility
//= require_tree .

Anything suggestion on what to try next?


Have you try $(".card-fields").show() instead of $(".card-fields").removeClass("hidden") ?!

In case it fail, don't use class hidden, add in-line style there: style="display:none;". And now $(".card-fields").show() will work.


Hey Anh,

What do you mean in-line style? Where shoudl I add that?

I also tried adding:

  $(document).on 'turbolinks:before-visit', ->
  $('.use-different-card').on "click", ->

Ah I mean inline CSS. For example:
<div class="card-fields hidden"> will be <div class="card-fields" style="display:none">


I see what you mean Anh. Thanks for the help!

I noticed that if the element with .use-different-card is an <a>, I needed to cancel the click event:

$('.use-different-card').on "click", (event) ->


$('.use-different-card').on "click", ->
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