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Thoughts on Rails 6, is it ready for production?

Alan Reid asked in Rails

Hey all,
So i thought i would pose the question and get other users views on Rails 6. So we are still on RC1, its been like this for a while now. I am curious to know others views, and experiences to help me work out if I should start building a new project in Rails 6 (some of the new features would be helpful).

I saw DHH said that its fine to use in production, and that Basecamp and other are using it without issue in its RC state.

Any way let me know


Yep! I think RC1 is just fine. It's called a release candidate because if there are no bugs or regressions, this is exactly the code that will ship as the final version.

I believe the only bugs in rc1 right now are related to the new features, so as long as you're not using those too heavily, you're good to upgrade.

These are the open tickets preventing Rails 6 from being released:


Seems like a no brainer then haha. No harm in starting a new project and just updating once it goes to stable, I will let you know how I get on.

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