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Template Locals in Rails 7.1 Discussion

This is a great addition to Rails. It makes partials feel a lot like calling methods with required and optional arguments.


So great. I will support more your product.


Couple of nice little Easter Eggs at the end there. Love it!

One thought I had was whether the template locals can be passed into the shorthand when called render.

ie. can
<%= render @product %> handle
<%= render @products, comment_count: 2 %> or do we need to revert back to
<%= render partial: "product", product: @product, comment_count: 2 %> or even
<%= render partial: "product", locals: { product: @product, comment_count: 2 } %>

Hard to tell when reading the docs.

Sometimes I prefer to just do the long way everywhere with partial: and locals: just so I am not getting confused by the magic.


calling render... I am no longer authorised to edit my own comment WhooP!S


That should work but let me know if it doesn't!


Sorry still can't edit comments. I click edit from the comment action menu drop down and I get redirect to with a flash 'You are not authorized to perform that action'.

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