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Jon Moss asked in Gems / Libraries

Let's say I have a scaffold called 'blogs', and blogs have an attribute called 'subdomain'. I want to have each blog be hosted at a subdomain; let's say I have a blog with a subdomain of 'gorails', the blog would be hosted at ( is the root). As well, would take you to blogs#show.

I've tried many different solutions to have this work, but none seem to work with Rails 4. Help?


Fantastic question and I think this is worthy of recording an episode (or two) on asap. One suggestion is the apartment gem but also it's wise to build this from scratch so you can have a good understanding of everything you need to consider when building a multi-tenant / subdomain app.

Hopefully I'll be able to record an episode for this next week!


Neat, thanks Chris! It'd also be super helpful if you showed how to do it a) from scratch and b) shared database


Hi Chris! Any update on the status of this?


Hey Jon,

Not yet! I've been busy with the holidays but I plan on starting to cover this in the next week.

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