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Some good ways of seeding data in my app?

Databases • Asked by karl

I need some seed data for my app. How do I seed Devise users, and always as images for Paperclip?

I'd probably toss everything in db/seeds.rb. Check out the ffaker gem for creating fake names and things.

If you need to create Devise users, you can just do this (but you'll have to give them passwords)

# You can optionally generate a password if you don't want to hardcode the password
# generated_password = Devise.friendly_token.first(8)

User.create(email: "[email protected]", password: "password", password_confirmation: "password")

And for paperclip images, you can use the ruby File library to open the file and assign it.

img =, 'image.png'))
User.first.update(avatar: img)

You can use Rails.root there as a helper to get the Rails directory, and then you can join in any folders and filenames you need to get the full path in Ruby. Then you open it as a File object and assign that to your paperclip attribute. That should do the trick!

Awesome, thanks so much Chris!!

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