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simple_discussion gem vs. discourse for lightweight forum

DanInBC asked in Gems / Libraries

Just checked out the simple_discussion gem (extracted from the GoRails forum here). It looks like exactly what I need for a small forum project.

I'm wondering if anyone else has used the gem in production on Heroku and with a CDN such as Cloudfare, and could comment on any specific issues you may be having, or have had.

Also - I am aware of Discourse and while it works well for many use cases, I would rather avoid such a heavy duty solution as I only need simple, clean and lightweight functionality.

-Dan H


It's really simple, so you won't have any issues with it on Heroku or Cloudflare. There's no Javascript or anything to worry about.


Hey Chris, I'm working on the fork of simple_discussion rails engine, we wanted to extend the features set of this wonderful forum made by you.
we are adding markdown editor and parsing support to it, as well as global search using postgresql's full text search feature and profanity and spam detection in threads.

As I was implementing the markdown editor using SimpleMDE, do you know any way to inlcude this node_modules dependancy in rails engine development, other than one way by including minifiedjs file of simplemde in /assets/javascript folder. I feel this is lil bit hacky way but anyway...


Great, thanks Chris!

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