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Simple form survey and dashboard illustration

Rails • Asked by KNielsen3

I'm new to Ruby and Ruby on Rails and are still in my learning phase. I know HTML and CSS from working with wordpress for some years. 

As a test-app to challenge myself I thought I wanted to try to make a web app where multiple users answer a few questions in a form and these answers are then illustrated in a unique user dashboard. Since this sounds pretty simple I was wondering if there are any tutorials or anything any of you guys could guide me towards to get me started?

Thank you in advance:)

Welcome! 👋

I don't know of any tutorials that do exactly something like this, but it sounds kind of like survey software maybe?

A few of the details will depend on how you want the app to work. Do you want ot have free form text answers for the questions or multiple choice or something different?

Will the questions be the same for everyone? Will they be configurable (like you can add / remove questions dynamically or will they always be the same)?

For the user dashboard, are you looking to show the same questions and the user's selected answers? Or something else?

Let us know and we can guide you through what you'd need to do!

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