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Should I use a gem like paperclip or carrierwave to handle PDF and docx uploads?

Drilon Buzuku asked in Rails

Hey guys,

has anyone advice on this one? Are there maybe better ways to handle document uploads in rails?


Yep, you can upload any file type you want with Paperclip, Carrierwave, or Shrine. I like Shrine the most personally, it's nice and modular so that's what I'd personally recommend using.


I am pretty happy with Carrierwave, and I wrote a step_by_step guide:
I did not try Shrine, yet. That looks good too.


@Chris Oliver @Maud de Vries thank you!


Dont forget the Shrie videos Chris made, i found them really handy. And i would go with this over CarrierWave now personally.

First one is here

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