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Set a start date for Chartkick / Highcharts combination

Stan Smith asked in Rails

This is driving me nuts.
I'm trying to set a dynamic start date of 1 month ago for a line chart using Chartkick / HighCharts.
But can't find the right syntax.

This is my helper:
def core7_by_month

line_chart User.group_by_day(:created_at).count, library: {
title: {text: 'Church members by month', x: -20},
chart: {
type: 'spline'
yAxis: {
crosshair: true,
allowDecimals: false,
title: {
text: 'Church Subscribers count'
xAxis: {
crosshair: true,
title: {
text: 'Year'
plotOptions: {
line: {
pointStart: 1.month.ago

This is in the view
<%= core7_by_month %>

I found the answer.
The date range parameter is handled by the groupbydate gem.
I needed to do this:
line_chart User.group_by_day(:created_at, range:

Perfect. Yeah the groupdate gem is handy for that stuff. You can write it yourself, but it's pretty annoying to remember it all. Works super nice with Chartkick.

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