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Scheduling Posts Discussion

General • Asked by Chris Oliver
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Great tutorial - thanks! While everything appears to be working fine, I'm still running into the turbolinks caching issues you spoke of at the ~22min mark even after installing the jquery-turbolinks gem (and restarting the server). Is there some additional configuration that needs to happen in order for the gem to prevent that buggy js behavior? Thanks in advance!

That's a great question Brian. I think that what I was experiencing was that the jQuery code I wrote never gets re-executed when the page changes via Turbolinks. Usually jquery-turbolinks fixes that by hijacking the page change event and that automatically fixes it. You might double check to make sure that jquery-turbolinks is being included in your application.js file properly. That's about the only thing that I can think of off the top of my head.

I've gone through this, but when trying to load the form. I get `undefined method `published_at?' for nil:NilClass`.

My helper to my eye, looks word for word as per the example: (my model is article, not post)

module ArticlesHelper
def status_for(article)
if article.published_at?
if article.published_at >

To fix the Turbolinks issue you could put your js into a wrapper like this:

$(document).on("turbolinks:load", function() {
  # your javascript goes here...

What do you guys think?

Hi Chris,

Since Rails 6, to the best of my knowledge, no longer supports CoffeeScript, do you have a suggestion for using this with Webpack for those who aren't familiar with Coffee Script?

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