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Ruby Natural Language Processing

vivek jain asked in Ruby

"Ruby Natural Language Processing":=>
Has anyone worked on Ruby Natural Language Processing ever? I am new to this concept "data mining" and "data processing".
I have been working on resume parser.


Hello, Vivek. I am interested in including NLP functionality in my Rails applications, too. In searching the web, there are a number of useful articles and directories of tools to use. I think Python has won the 'language for NLP' contest. This is a shame because I feel Ruby is actually better for the job. So, I'm working to include NLP in my Rails projects and I hope to contribute to existing Gems and maybe even release some of my work as Gems in the future. Reach me directly at 'clint/at/summarymedical-dot-com' (replace punctuation as appropriate) if you'd like.


This field is quite complex. We need time to study

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