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Posted in Ruby Natural Language Processing

Hello, Vivek. I am interested in including NLP functionality in my Rails applications, too. In searching the web, there are a number of useful articles and directories of tools to use. I think Python has won the 'language for NLP' contest. This is a shame because I feel Ruby is actually better for the job. So, I'm working to include NLP in my Rails projects and I hope to contribute to existing Gems and maybe even release some of my work as Gems in the future. Reach me directly at 'clint/at/summarymedical-dot-com' (replace punctuation as appropriate) if you'd like.

Posted in How do I take over an existing code base?

Thank you, @Chris Oliver. Your reply is definitely helpful (I'm a big fan, BTW :-)). I'm sure we'll agree there can be a lot more to understand and that it may be a fool's errand to try to identify everything in advance.

I found an article at that lists the following considerations when taking over the development/maintenance of a software project:

  • Know what it is supposed to do
  • Know how source code is handled
  • Know how to run the project
  • Know the testing process
  • Know the deployment process
  • Know who you can turn to for different parts of the project
  • Know which third-party services the project uses
  • Know the best way to get in touch with the decision-makers
  • Know what your timeline is
  • Know what the scope of your work is

If I compile this into a blog post, I'll share a link here.

Posted in How do I take over an existing code base?

Hi, everyone. This is my first post here. I'm taking over an existing Rails 6 project that is in production (and that I haven't worked on before). There's a lot to think about :-) Has anyone compiled a list of questions to ask, tips, or things to look into and think about at the start of taking over a project? I'm very comfortable with Rails 6. Thank you.

Posted in Create a User Profile after saving a Devise User

Hello @JasonBrown - I'm trying to do exactly what you described. Did your solution work? Any example code you care to share? Thanks!

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