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rubber:passenger:add_to_pool takes forever

Michael Victor asked in Servers

I'm using Rubber 3.1.0 with Capistrano 2.15.5

When I try to deploy my app(default rails-devise-pundit) to production on EC2, it goes on perfectly till

command finished in 2849ms
triggering after callbacks for `rubber:apache:start'

  • 2015-06-12 20:43:29 executing `rubber:passenger:add_to_pool' ** Waiting for passenger to startup
  • executing "sudo -p 'sudo password: ' bash -l -c 'while ! curl -s -f http://localhost:$CAPISTRANO:VAR$/ &> /dev/null; do echo .; done'" servers: [""] [] executing command ** [out ::] . ** [out ::] ** [out ::] . ** [out ::] ** [out ::] . What am I doing wrong? When I run cap rubber:tail_logs, I only see information related migration which I assume means that there's nothing wrong with the app?

Does it output any errors? I don't see anything here. Any other symptoms of what might be going wrong?


Nothing really :/

I changed the template to use nginx and unicorn. The app deployed perfectly then.

Ah well..


Weird! In any case, nginx and unicorn are awesome so you'll be in good hands with that setup as well.

I've had some weirdness with Passenger 5 myself and have reverted back to using Puma for now.

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