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Routing question: Pass a 2nd parameter in the URL?

Alan Reid asked in Rails

Hi again :)
I would like to know how to get my routes how i want them haha as we all do :) Basically i want to get the edit variant URL to be like /products/:product_id/variants/:variant_id

instead of /products/:product_id/variants/edit

I have used the code below to get my routes, however its not doing what i thought it might.

# Products routing
resources :products do
  resource :variants, module: :products

This gives me the following routes...

product_variants        POST   /products/:product_id/variants(.:format)      products/variants#create
new_product_variants    GET    /products/:product_id/variants/new(.:format)  products/variants#new
edit_product_variants   GET    /products/:product_id/variants/edit(.:format) products/variants#edit
                        GET    /products/:product_id/variants(.:format)      products/variants#show
                        PATCH  /products/:product_id/variants(.:format)      products/variants#update
                        PUT    /products/:product_id/variants(.:format)      products/variants#update
                        DELETE /products/:product_id/variants(.:format)      products/variants#destroy

I believe you just want to use a plural resources on variants like so:

resources :products do
  resources :variants, module: :products

That will give you the urls for the individual nested objects so you can access and edit each of those separately.


Chris, can I just have a direct link to your brain, please? haha


Haha! Doing my best to make GoRails do that. 😉 The trick is when you've made as many mistakes coding as I have over the years...eventually you know where to look really fast to fix things.


Yeah haha I am getting there, can't believe how far i have come! Not to mention how i understand Rails better in 6 months compared to 8 years coding .NET!


You're making super good progress. And I know right? I started with GW-Basic, VB6, some C++, Java, back in my early days and it wasn't till I found Python that I felt like I could actually be productive and build full applications myself. Rails sped that up even quicker!

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