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Receiving incoming emails

Rails • Asked by Aqib hameed

I want to develop a software which has multiple emails against the brands, e.g Brand1 has email [email protected], [email protected], and Brand2 has emails [email protected], [email protected]. So Customer send their query by email on [email protected] etc. So system reads all emails against the brands on which customers send their emails.So which Gem is best in rails to reads the emails from multiple mailing box without forwarding the emails???

Not 100% sure if this is what you're after, but to receive/parse emails, is possibly your best choice.

But griddler supported email service options are sendgrid (the default), cloudmailin, postmark, mandrill and mailgun.These email service option are paid.But i want to read the email without using email service options just like Mailman, But Mailman canot read emails from multiple mailing box.

Depends on who your email provider is you can turn on imap and get emails in your app

Right now i am using mailman and it configuration
Mailman.config.pop3 = {
server: '', port: 995, ssl: true,
username: 'USER-EMAIL',

password: 'USER-PASSWORD'
} do
default do
puts "Email receive"
its work fine to read email only single account, but i face an issue how to reads email from multiple email account ???e.g [email protected],[email protected] etc (e

Your use case isn't quite clear to me, but I achieve this in my app by using Outlook / Gmail API to create a subscription against an e-mail account, which generates a webhook. The webhook then notifies my app when the mailbox is updated, and I parse the new e-mail and determine if the contents should be saved to the system. Most companies use either Outlook / Gmail, and they built these webhooks to eliminate the need for IMAP.

Perhaps it's better to use some custom software for your issue.

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