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Rails console hacks :)

Sascha M. asked in Rails

Hi there,

I need some help how to handle the rails console commands. I'm really stuck here..

I've recently added a new column (teams) to my Sales and Orders model. Both models containing the user_id from the User model.
The column team already exists in the User model. So I want to do this:

Fill the team names in the Sales and Orders model through the user_id from the User model and pull the team name from there.

Something like (pseudo sql): insert team into from User where user_id == Sale.user_id

I hope you get what I mean :)



I got it somehow.. Order.all.each do |tname| = User.where(:id => tname.user_id).pluck(:team).shift end

If I type this into the console the records get filled but not saved. What should I have to add to save the records?

Order.all.each do |tname| = User.where(:id => tname.user_id).pluck(:team).shift self.update_columns(team: end or Order.all.each do |tname| = User.where(:id => tname.user_id).pluck(:team).shift self.update_attributes(team: end are both not working.

>> NoMethodError: undefined method `update_attributes' for main:Object

Any ideas?


Hey Sascha, I'd write it like this:

Order.all.each do |tname| 
  tname.update_attributes(team: User.where(:id => tname.user_id).pluck(:team).shift)

The problem is when you use self it doesn't point to the tname object, causing that issue.

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