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Rails Competency Levels

John El Basha asked in Rails

After completing a bootcamp in Ruby on Rails, it can feel overwhelming deciding where to go from there. The typical advice is build, build, build, but it would be really handy if there was some competency framework that helped explain all the Rails features a junior, mid and senior dev should be able to work with.

Has anyone come across a book, article, or other resource that covers this?

Hey, I'm in the exact same situation to you! The best thing I've found so far, time and time again, is the Rails documentation and YouTube, funnily enough (including Go Rails tutorials ofc). The documentation might be a bit drier than we hope, but it is absolutely comprehensive.

As for getting stuck - I think that's normal, even at a senior dev level (my partner, a senior hardware engineer, is constantly searching Google/Stack Overflow). Just embrace that there will be challenges, and overcome them one by one.

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