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Answered in the thread I believe, but one of the things that worked for me (temporarily) was disabling turbo globally with = false in application.js and applying it on a link-by-link basis.

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This could also be an issue with a rogue 'import controller' statement magically appearing at the bottom of application.js, which means it's actioning the JS twice

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fyi for those still around, I solved a similar issue by following the instructions here, specifically the second part of the answer (afaik ujs is now required and started in application.js by default):

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Hi Marwen, welcome to the world of Ruby-On-Rails. As someone who was in your position a few months back (though during a Le Wagon bootcamp) all I can suggest is: don't give up, and give it time to sink in. Rails is beautifully structured, but it can be confusing to see the whole picture until quite late in the game. Just play around with things, but don't get disenchanted if things don't work at first!

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Glad to see I'm not the only one suffering with turbo(links) and search/pagy... I've disabled it globally, enabling it on links that would benefit from it.

Hey everyone! I'm trying to get elastic search to work with a checkbox, but as they return a 0 or 1 as booleans, elastic search doesn't accept these params. Does anyone know how to get elastic search to work with a 0 or 1? At the moment, I've found a solution by converting the data-types of my 'paid' column to strings which are validated to require 'true' or 'false', but that's obviously not ideal.

Thanks for this. My bootcamp covered this briefly, but it's great to have this extra context and info!

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This is the one sticking point for me in understanding the MVP relationship in Rails, so thanks for making this!

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Hey, I'm in the exact same situation to you! The best thing I've found so far, time and time again, is the Rails documentation and YouTube, funnily enough (including Go Rails tutorials ofc). The documentation might be a bit drier than we hope, but it is absolutely comprehensive.

As for getting stuck - I think that's normal, even at a senior dev level (my partner, a senior hardware engineer, is constantly searching Google/Stack Overflow). Just embrace that there will be challenges, and overcome them one by one.