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Where can I get started?

Marwan Elzeer asked in General


I am new here, interested to learn Ruby on Rails but the website seems to have LOTS of videos, so:

  1. Is there a track I can follow or any playlist to watch so that I don't go randomly?
  2. Do I need to learn Ruby first or do the very beginner videos here cover about everything I need to keep going?



Hi. I recommend you to first take the Ruby on Rails track from the Odin Project. After that you can expand your knowledge with the videos of this site. Learning Ruby first isn't 100% necessary but recommended.


Hi Marwen, welcome to the world of Ruby-On-Rails. As someone who was in your position a few months back (though during a Le Wagon bootcamp) all I can suggest is: don't give up, and give it time to sink in. Rails is beautifully structured, but it can be confusing to see the whole picture until quite late in the game. Just play around with things, but don't get disenchanted if things don't work at first!


Hi I found on preply some tutor do yopu think it a good way to learn ruby? or maybe it will be better to learn from video course?


If you want to learn start here...


Alan Reid 51,170 XP · 19 hours ago
If you want to learn start here...

Hope I will cope with it :)

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