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Rails 6 autocomplete with add new

Rails • Asked by Alex Deering

In the past (back in rails 4) I used select2 or selectize to give me the ability to make a text field autocomplete as typed and have the option to create a new item, so basically tagging but only a single tag allowed. I recently got back into working on a project and upgrading to rails 6. Im new to stimulus and webpacker and wondering if there is a way to handle autocomplete with the option to create new for a field. Ive looked for some information already but couldnt find anything.

For context it has to do with a recipe database and for the ingredients of the recipes they have 3 fields (amount, unit, ingredient_id). Im wanting to have the ingredient_id field be a text field with autocomplete/add new that will reference my ingredient table so I can add data to the ingredients

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