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Rails 6 + ActiveAdmin + ActionText

Bogie asked in Rails

I need to create an app with video + blog content, users, permission etc that includes a CMS to change and rearrange content easily.
Anyone integrated ActionText into ActiveAdmin - what would be the best way to do it. Or shall I do the content editing page(s) via a different login /path for the admin_user, like build a separate page for it? I wonder which would be the most efficient and simplest way.
still new to this


If you're looking for something quick and you already have it, ActiveAdmin might work alright. Looks like you'd have to add the Javascript to ActiveAdmin yourself, similar to this post:

Administrate has a plugin or two for ActionText if you are adding an admin.

And probably the best long-term approach would be to just build it yourself that way you have full control over how the CMS works and aren't fighting with an admin gem. That said, it's a lot more work so may be something to do later on.

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